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Based on the idea that "it's impossible, it can't be done", Concepts In Motion attempts to challenge established norms and upset conventional wisdom. The following will help to push the envelope of creation from whence there was nothing, rocking the boat of complacency.


QuickTime VR

QuickTime VR Demystified provides information on creating QTVR panoramas without all the fancy hardware other folks would like you to think you need. The idea is to help you make unique use of the QTVR tools of creation.

Topics covered include:


Burning Man

The Burning Man challenge attempts to provide answers to the simple question: What to do in the Black Rock desert with 15 thousand of your closest friends in 115 degrees of deadly heat?



Can't think of the perfect gift for the person with everything? Here it is, the sophisticated and affordable Nut'n! So what exactly can you do with Nut'n at all? Everything! There isn't Nut'n this thing can't do. This device supports many of the highest tech leading edge terms in use today - Multimedia, Multiprocessor, RAM, INTERNET, and WEB.


Link Pot

Thoughts, ideas, and links with a warped point of view. From the link pot you can leap to many parts of the world with a wealth of unconventional wisdom.


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