Nut'n is just a cheap PAD (as opposed to a high cost PDA) and is designed to MIL Spec (Mighty Immeasurable Longevity Specifications).

Nut'n has advanced operation features such as support for animation, built-in encryption and compression, embedded text and many other features key to the executive demands of any PAD. Nut'n is made from two part, high impact, poly-plastic and is extremely durable. We know this because we dropped Nut'n from the top of a four story building and Nut'n happened when it hit the passing car below, Nut'n did get a little scratched when it bounced onto the street.

Purchase requests may be submitted to The cost can range from an all time low standard price of $20.00 USD or up to many times this amount depending on the mood we are in and if we are interested in making Nut'n. The only way to get a freshly made Nut'n is with someth'n - you can't get Nut'n for nut'n. We do not currently carry a stock of Nut'n. You should put stock in Nut'n as well.

Nut'n sales to date:

Official Nut'n Owner's Manual

Opening of this package implies acceptance of the agreement herein. You paid for it, it's yours. If the dealer wanted it they wouldn't have sold it to you, so don't try to give it back to the dealer for any reason, unless the dealer is not totally satisfied within 30 days. You went to school and learned a bunch of stuff, and after reading this manual, you will end up knowing Nut'n.

Failure to honor this agreement could result in Nut'n happening to you. You could also lose dessert privileges for up to one week, whichever comes first - don't you know Nut'n!


Congratulations on purchasing Nut'n!

Please take the time to read all instructions carefully and your handheld Personal Analog Device, or PAD, will provide years of valuable service.

Do not use your PAD near liquids. Damage to the display could occur.

Unpower the unit before changing the display.

Do not use the product in the vicinity of thunderstorms, as damage to the liveware could result.



There isn't Nut'n that this thing can't do. This device supports many of the highest tech leading edge terms in use today.

Animation capability - using the PAD's built-in FlipTime™ digitizer you can make movies that don't require film processing or batteries. To make animations, remember to start at the back of the PAD unless you want your animation to run backward. Sounds is automatically added when you play your movie, but it is always the same sound, similar to pages flipping, because that was the only sound we could think of to provide. Detailed descriptions of how to make FlipTime™ movies will be available in book form at a later date.

Embedded text - Heck, just tear off part of the PAD with writing on it and stick it - between other PAD pages.

Data compression and encryption - to protect your work from prying eyes, we have developed a compression and encryption scheme and provided it as a standard feature of Nut'n. This copyrighted scheme is called Writing and Drawings Don't Involve Nut'n Good, or WADDING for short. This scheme also facilitates compressed wireless communication, mainly because WADs are easier to throw at someone than a flat piece of paper.



To turn the unit on, insert a dull object, such as a user, into the thumb indentation at the bottom front of the device. Carefully lift the display unit from the chassis and turn it from front to rear so that the cardboard backing is on the bottom of the display pad, remembering to keep the top up. Reinsert the display unit in the reverse order as you did to extract it. The unit is now turned on. Inverting Nut'n without holding onto the PAD could result in data loss. Data recovery can be accomplished by picking the PAD up off the ground.

To turn the unit off, repeat the above procedure in reverse.

Sleep mode occurs when the unit has been inactive for some time and will automatically be activated. To turn sleep mode off, simply touch the stylus to the screen.

To remove a memo for wireless communication or offline storage, grasp the window at the bottom (loose end) and lift it up until it is beyond the top edge of the display. Then using a twisting motion, pull it to the side. Loose memos can be stored in the handy storage tray located beneath the display pad. Simply lift the display pad up and slide the loose memo underneath, then replace the display pad.

The Nut'n PAD supports both portrait and landscape modes, as well as right-hand and left-hand applications.

To use the PAD in portrait mode with a right-handed system, place Nut'n in your left hand with the pen holder on the right hand side and the PAD side turned up.

To use the PAD in landscape mode for a right-handed system, turn the unit so that the pen holder is on the side closest to your body and the end with the indent (no not that indent, the one on Nut'n) to your left. Remember, the side containing the PAD should always be on top. Attempting to use the device with the PAD side down is only for underhanded systems and we here at Concepts In Motion don't do anything underhanded. In fact, all we do is Nut'n.

For use as a left-handed system place Nut'n in your left hand with the pen holder on the right hand side. Remember to keep the PAD facing upwards, away from the ground.



To remove the stylus from the holder, slide it toward the top of the unit until it is clear of the holder.

Do not lift the stylus straight up out of, or push strait into, the holder as damage to the holder and stylus could occur.

If your unit is equipped with nonvolatile memory, your stylus will be equipped with a protective cap. The cap must be removed in order to use the stylus. To do this, remove the stylus from the holder following the instructions for this operation. Then grasp the cap ( the short piece) by the forefinger and thumb of one hand and the stylus (the long section) with the other. Using a twisting and pulling motion, pull the cap from the stylus. The stylus (remember that's the long section) is now ready for use. The pointed end of the stylus should be used on the display.

If you are using the EPROM version, there is no protective cap. Simply remove it from the holder and use it.

Do not use the other end of the stylus on the display or Nut'n may happen. If the EPROM version is used data loss could result.

To put the cap back on the stylus, reverse the procedure for removing it, but use a pushing motion instead of a pulling one. Insert the stylus back in the holder by reversing the process for removing it.

Always place the stylus in the holder when not in use or loss of the stylus could occur.



See, already you've goofed up. You started playing with Nut'n even though you know Nut'n about it. I'll bet you've messed up the PAD because you don't know how to turn Nut'n on.

This device should be carefully removed from its tasteful (no, that doesn't mean you can eat it) cellophane wrapper. Some assembly is required and batteries are not included.

Carefully fold up the cellophane wrapper and store it somewhere safe in case Nut'n needs to be returned for any reason so our Technut'ns can verify that Nut'n works and send it back to you. See, if you had read this first you would have known about this. So now when you try to return Nut'n for service, you'll probably take it to some packaging store and get them to shrink wrap it in some cheesy plastic wrap to try to fool us. We already know that trick - where do you think we get our original factory packaging done?

Carefully inspect your device for damage in shipping. It is only safe to use if there is Nut'n wrong with it and it does absolutely Nut'n, and we can't be bothered with looking for things like that. We're trying to make these things as fast as we can to keep up with the demand which has reached an incredible two a week, and more orders are coming in monthly. Besides, we're not the ones who are going to use them. We're going to make a fortune and then hire someone else to do Nut'n for us.



Are you kidding? You can use Nut'n anywhere. With the Special Optional Gadget, or SOG (white tablet and dark wax EPROM), you can use this device under water. It's perfect for sending letters to people who are all wet.

You can use Nut'n in space. We know this for a fact because we gave one to some real space cadets and they said it worked great. Of course, we didn't ask them what they used it for.

110 volts, 60 hurts. We know this because we once accidentally stuck our fingers in a light socket.

220 volts, 50 hurts. See above but twice as much.

Maximum operating temperature: Fahrenheit 451.

Keep the Nut'n PAD away from open flames or data loss could occur.



We warrant this product to be a real Nut'n. The warranty is null and void unless you send in the warranty card which we think we remembered to include. We really want you to send the card in, because then we can sell the mailing list and really make some good money. The product must be repacked in the same container that it was shipped in. Attempts to fool us will be dealt with by Nut'n being done to you or your device. Don't bother taking it back to your dealer because he wants Nut'n to do with it and probably packed up and moved on late last night anyway. If for any reason we are not completely satisfied with your use of this product we may send someone to your house carrying a violin case with an accordion in it. Nut'n can go wrong with this product because it's supposed to do Nut'n. Besides, our rigorous testing would have uncovered any defects long before you could. Each Nut'n is turned upside down to see if the PAD falls out. If it doesn't, the device is perfect. If it does, we put a drop of glue on the back of the PAD and ship it anyway. That's real zero defects. Remember, this is the perfect gift for the person who has everything - Nut'n!



Nut'n Handheld Personal Analog Device

Digital to analog converter and stylus - standard

Monochrome display pad - standard

Color display pad - optional

Stylus holder - standard

Removable display pad capability - standard

PROM (Pen wRite On Memo pad) - standard

EPROM (Erasable Pencil wRite On Memo pad) - optional

FlipTime™ support - standard

Wireless communication - standard

Postit™ Memo Generator Display Pad - optional

EPROM Hi-res convertor (pencil sharpener) - optional

Lifetime power supply - standard

Recharging requirements - vary with user

Automatic hardcopy - standard

Automatic carbon backup - optional

FAA approved even during takeoffs and landings

Fully internationalized non-Roman character sets fully supported - standard


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