The software behind QuickTime VR

The first category of QuickTime VR software is content authoring. In the authoring section, the software and computing hardware required to create panoramas for QuickTime VR is described. The second category of software behind QuickTime VR is the QTVR 2.0 application programming interface. With the QTVR 2.0 API, it is possible to create novel playback engines which may have localized sound playback, unique user interfaces for multinode panorama navigation. With the QTVR 2.0 API, the possibilities are wide open for creative playback and interaction of QuickTime VR content.

QuickTime VR Authoring Software
QuickTime VR panoramas are created with software running on a Macintosh personal computer. This is an overview of the software and computer horsepower required to create cross platform QTVR content.
QuickTime VR Application Programmatic Interface
Software developers are presented with sample code, programming snippets, problems to watch out for, new and kool uses of the QTVR API such as spatial sound handling, hot spot targeting, embedded QuickTime movies, and much more.



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